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Just as epicurean as it is creative, TOPTOK™ puts its know-how at the service of the restaurant industry in order to raise the style of the new taste brigades to the height of their gastronomy. Original, rebellious and worked, the jacket collection TOPTOK™ was developed in collaboration with several chefs, representatives of this new wave.


Our Best Sellers


Transmit your passion with style.

New players in international gastronomy have emerged and are blowing a new wind on this culinary scene, with brilliance and creativity. It is their intense character and sensitive soul that TOPTOK™ comes to greet with panache, with a line of professional clothing that reflects the overflowing inventiveness of these new chefs.

Each item is fully customizable, from the main canvas to the smallest details: collar, cuffs, graphic prints, bias and embroidery.

Designed in Brittany, France.


Jackets designed by and for pros.


The colors of your brigade.

The first line of jackets TOPTOK™ features original and colourful prints, but also classic models in Black or White, adapted to each of your desires. All you have to do is choose your culinary colours!

Your comfort comes first.

Developed in collaboration with several chefs of the new culinary generation, the TOPTOK™ jackets offer ideal comfort for working. The comfort inserts and thefull back made of ventilated mesh ensure optimum regulation under fire.

Let's cook together for tomorrow.

Because technique also rhymes with ethics, TOPTOK™, certifies its OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 products, guaranteeing compliance with eco-responsible standards throughout the production chain, from the working conditions of our workers to the labeling of our organic materials and transport. Nothing is left to chance.

The way of embroidery.

The TOPTOK™ jackets are a testament to your creativity. Display your name, your logo or your stars - or all three at once! You have free rein thanks to our tailor-made embroidery service.

Intense character & sensitive soul